Every high-growth startup founder should read this book. Using his 17 years of experience working with high-growth companies, Brett has put together a playbook for Founders to build great company cultures, and consequently great companies, from day one.
Romanie Thomas CEO, JuggleJobs

Culture Decks Decoded

Transform Your Culture Into A Visible, Conscious And Tangible Asset

Culture Decks Decoded decodes how leading companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Valve and Patreon leverage their culture decks to:

Differentiate from the competition.

Attract, recruit, and retain A+ talent.

Explain what gets an employee hired, promoted, or fired.

Communicate the culture, mission, vision, values, and expected behaviors of the company.

Illuminate how employees can make a difference and fulfil their potential.

Answer the fundamental questions that potential employees may have about how the business operates

I have interviewed and spoken with hundreds of founders and CEOs about their culture and one of the areas I explored during these interviews was how they had gone about creating their company's culture decks.

There are two main reasons why culture decks are hard to create: firstly, there are lots of culture decks available online but no overarching document that explains what an effective culture deck is, and what it should cover; and second, that very few people have the time to research all the different decks to learn how others have structured and written theirs. I wrote Culture Decks Decoded to solve both of these problems.

what they're saying

I’ve admired Brett’s take on the importance of culture for years now and have turned to him several times for counsel during turning points in my firm’s growth.  If you want invaluable guidance and insight into how to craft an effective culture deck for your company, this book is for you.
Colette Ballou CEO, Ballou PR
This book is brilliant! Brett really simplifies the process of creating a culture deck. The slides he has chosen give a fascinating insight into the culture of these high-performance companies.
Adam Posma CEO, ClubCollect
For his new book, Bretton Putter taps into his experience both as a consultant to companies about their culture and his experience as a top tier head-hunter to outline how companies like Netflix, Hubspot and Hootsuite use their culture decks to describe their cultures and what makes them unique and different.
Carlos Espinal, Partner Seedcamp
If the Netflix deck is the most important document to come out of Silicon Valley, this must be the most important document to come out of Silicon Roundabout.
Natasha Guerra, CEO Runway East