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If you want to understand what a culture deck is and how successful companies use theirs to gain an unfair competitive advantage... read this handbook now!
Ivailo Jordanov - CEO Printastic & 23Snaps
Culture becomes a defining feature of a company whether it’s done intentionally or not.  Success or failure can often be traced back to cultural values...  
Ivailo Jordanov - CEO Printastic & 23Snaps

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The light bulb moment happened for me a couple of years ago, before I founded CultureGene, the hybrid executive search and company culture consultancy that I now run. When it happened, it felt like I’d been catapulted into a future where leaders make business decisions based on how those decisions support living the values and fulfilling the mission and vision of the company; that future, I sensed, would be realized through culture-driven leadership. The leaders who today take this approach to building their businesses recognize culture as the ultimate asset of their companies… and they treat it as such.

Own Your Culture

Leadership & Culture Development Lessons From High-Growth Companies​


The 10% of CEOs who do maximize their culture automatically gift themselves with a powerful asset and an above-average chance of success.

A well-defined culture is the superglue that enables teams to unite, break through the mold, and scale to unparalleled heights. Culture isn’t just a key differentiator for building truly great companies; it is often the primary reason why a candidate joins a particular company—a reason that reigns above the salary, stock options, or the inherent risk associated with the business.


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I’ve admired Brett’s take on the importance of culture for years now and have turned to him several times for counsel during turning points in my firm’s growth.  If you want invaluable guidance and insight into how to craft an effective culture deck for your company, this book is for you.
Colette Ballou CEO, Ballou PR
This book is brilliant! Brett really simplifies the process of creating a culture deck. The slides he has chosen give a fascinating insight into the culture of these high-performance companies.
Adam Posma CEO, ClubCollect
For his new book, Bretton Putter taps into his experience both as a consultant to companies about their culture and his experience as a top tier head-hunter to outline how companies like Netflix, Hubspot and Hootsuite use their culture decks to describe their cultures and what makes them unique and different.
Carlos Espinal, Partner Seedcamp
If the Netflix deck is the most important document to come out of Silicon Valley, this must be the most important document to come out of Silicon Roundabout.
Natasha Guerra, CEO Runway East

Culture Decks Decoded

Transform Your Culture Into A Visible, Conscious And Tangible Asset

In Culture Decks Decoded, Bretton Putter gathers and analyzes the best culture decks from the world’s most admired organizations — from household names like Netflix, LinkedIn and Nordstrom to cutting-edge companies like Valve, Hotjar and Next Jump.

Spotlighting the most impactful culture decks, Brett shows how leaders of culture-driven companies identify and define their own powerful cultures—and craft an engaging, effective culture deck to deliver it, and shape employee behavior.

He demonstrates how a well-defined culture differentiates a company from the competition, helps to attract the right A+ talent and becomes an immensely powerful asset for the business.